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More Rain and Wind

October 16, 2011

By Rafael A. Gálvez

Another rainy and windy day at the Florida Keys Hawkwatch. In many respects – including the weather, number of birds and species composition – Sunday was very similar to Saturday.

Our total of 131 birds included:

Osprey – 11
Northern Harrier – 13
Sharp-shinned Hawk – 7
American Kestrel – 46
Merlin – 29
Peregrine Falcon – 24
Unidentified raptor – 1

Once again, the Northern Harrier proved to be among the migrating species during rainy and gusty weather. Above is a photograph from the Florida Keys Hawkwatch archives, of an adult male NOHA banded pre-2008 as part of the Florida Keys Raptor Migration Project.

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