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Peregrine Falcon Calendar: October 2

October 2, 2018

FKH has tallied 3-digit Peregrine Falcon numbers during every calendar day from September 23 through October 21 for at least one season from 1999-2018. Some calendar days have tallied 3-digit Peregrine counts year after year.

October 2nd is a great example. To date, 6 seasons at FKH have tallied 100 or more Peregrines on October 2 – including 2018 (113 – second 3-digit Peregrine count of the season).

October 2, 2003: 195 Peregrine Falcons
October 2, 2011: 393 Peregrine Falcons
October 2, 2013: 116 Peregrine Falcons
October 2, 2014: 354 Peregrine Falcons
October 2, 2016: 161 Peregrine Falcons
October 2, 2018: 113 Peregrine Falcons



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Photo by Kerry Ross.

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